Virtual job hunt

Searching for jobs

Get creative with your job search

While COVID-19 has resulted in job reductions in certain industries, many companies are still adding new roles to support essential services or to assist with the transition to remote work. Checking multiple sources can increase your chances of finding relevant positions. In addition to checking CareerLink and public job boards daily, look for postings on LinkedIn, read articles like this one or reach out to your personal network.

Maintain your momentum

Just like with schoolwork, setting smaller daily goals can help you make progress on your job search without becoming discouraged, especially when there may not be as many new job postings as before. For example, your daily goal could be reviewing job boards once a day, flagging two new postings or reaching out to one new connection in your industry on LinkedIn. 

Focus on your professional development

Try to do one activity per day that will contribute to building your resume. Practice answering interview questions on StandOut, brush up on your Excel skills, update your LinkedIn profile and your resume, or look up online tutorials to learn a new skill.  

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