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Emily Dawson, BSc (Eng)’19

"Right from day one, I’ve been hands-on with everything from prototyping to production, and I’ve seen a few new products through that cycle already. I thrive on the challenge of new problems and a faster-paced environment, with a team of people working towards a common goal."

Lucas Vollmerhaus

Lukas Vollmerhaus, BSc (Eng)’17

Lukas shares his experiences with the Baja racing team, producing a rocket for his capstone project, and an internship in the arctic.

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Maxwell Lee

Maxwell Lee, BSc (Eng)’15, MSc (Eng)‘17

Maxwell Lee is a design engineer and engineer in training, working at a company that is dedicated to creating and operating the world’s first automated oil rig.

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Alina Kunitskaya

Alina Kunitskaya, BSc (Eng)'18

Alina graduated from chemical engineering and is a member of the Association of Spaceflight Professionals and SEDS-Canada (Students for the Exploration and Development of Space).

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Spencer Kerber

Spencer Kerber, BSc (Eng)'16

Passionate about farm-to-table food, mechanical engineering graduate Spencer Kerber has put his engineering skills to use creating an online platform connecting consumers to fresh, local meat and seafood. 

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Braden Hommy

Braden Hommy, BSc (Eng)'16

Schulich alumnus Braden Hommy tells us about his job in the Toronto-based Space Flight Laboratory. 

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Nigel Cox

Nigel Cox, MEng'19, BSc (Eng)'15

Engineering a new career is easier than it sounds. Nigel graduated in November from a one-year masters in software engineering and has opened up a world of possibilities.

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Tyler Anker

Tyler Anker, BSc (Eng)'17

Schulich alumnus Tyler Anker graduated with a mechanical engineering degree and is now attending medical school.

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Ali Waseem

Ali Waseem, BSc (Eng)'16

Schulich alumus Ali Waseem discovered his passion for software engineering during his internship, added a minor to his degree and is pursuing a career he loves. 

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Julia Bassett

Julia Bassett, BSc (Eng)’16

Schulich alumna Julia Bassett sleuths out a career in forensic engineering. 

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Jessica Norman

Jessica Norman, BSc (Eng)’18

Schulich alumna Jessica Norman's undergrad internship 'opened up a world of opportunities' and led to her first job.

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Amy Zell

Amy Zell, BSc (Eng)'16

Schulich alumna Amy Zell believes in sustainable leadership.

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Haley Lawrance

Haley Lawrance, BSc (Eng)'16

Schulich alumna Haley Lawrance engineers her way out into the field.

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Siegfried Baumann

Siegfried Baumann, BSc (Eng)'16

Schulich alumnus Siegfried Baumann charges up his career in electric vehicles.

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Sergey Krasovski

Sergey Krasovski, MSc (Eng)’15

Schulich alumnus Sergey Krasovski gets strategic about the future of technology.

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Carl Wei

Carl Wei, BSc (Eng)'17

Carl got down to business after landing an internship job on campus that was later funded by NASA. He explored his network and made new friends which lead him to an experience that sets him apart from other electrical engineering graduates.  

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