Minor in Energy and Environment

The first of its kind in Canada 

This optional minor is offered in collaboration with one of the following engineering majors:

Available in second year with Chemical (ENCH), Civil (ENCI), Electrical (ENEL), Geomatics (ENGO) and Mechanical (ENME).

The minor in energy and environment teaches you how to assess, avoid or minimize the environmental impacts of industrial energy operations.

Everyday items like shampoo and pharmaceuticals are increasingly finding their way into water bodies. Some can be extracted using conventional water treatments — but not all. 

If you are eager to find ways to protect the environment while meeting our global energy needs, this specialization is for you.

Chemical Eningeering

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Civil Engineering

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Electrical Engineering

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Geomatics Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering

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This minor has taught me about the energy industry at home and around the world, the challenges surrounding global energy sustainability and the opportunities to increase energy efficiency with new green technologies.

Murray B.

Environmental engineering student