Selecting your major

Choose your path

It's time to decide what engineering major to pursue. We offer a selection of majors and a host of minors and specializations.

BSc Biomedical Engineering

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BSc Chemical Engineering

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BSc Civil Engineering

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BSc Electrical Engineering

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BSc Energy Engineering

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BSc Geomatics Engineering

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BSc Mechanical Engineering

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BSc Software Engineering

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Prepare to Apply


Review our programs to decide which major you are most interested in. If you are considering a minor or specialization, check to ensure it is offered in combination with your preferred major.

See our list of majors


Watch for a link called Engineering Program Selection to be added to the My U of C portal in the For Students section. An email from the Engineering Student Centre will include details when the link is active. This is where you will apply for your major, minor or specialization.


Using the Engineering Program Selection link, rank our seven programs from most-preferred to least-preferred. Program selection will be based on your grades, your preferences and on the expressed interest of other students.

Placement is made

Program placement is processed late in the spring term and placements are usually available in mid-June. For more information, contact the Engineering Student Centre.


When do I apply for my program?

You will apply for your major in the winter term of your first year of engineering using the steps outlined above.

How do I apply for my program?

The Engineering Student Centre will send you an email outlining how to apply. You will rank our seven programs from your most preferred to your least preferred and submit those rankings via the My U of C portal link provided.

How can I ensure I get into the program I want?

We know that getting into the major of your choice is important. We guarantee that if you complete your entire first year engineering, and earn a B average (3.0 out of 4.0) or higher in all 10 of your common core courses, you will be placed in your first choice of program. 

For more details contact the Engineering Student Centre

When will I learn if I have been accepted?

You will be contacted by the Engineering Student Centre as soon as you have been placed in your program. Program placements are typically completed by mid-June.

Who can I talk to about my placement?

The advisors at the Engineering Student Centre are here to help with any of your questions. 

Contact the Engineering Student Centre